Upper Brushy Creek Study



In an effort to mitigate the possibility of flooding, your North Austin MUD #1 is funding two bridge enhancement projects for the Parmer Bridge and the Tamayo Dr. Bridge.  Both projects expand the area under the bridges which allow for increased water flow. This work reduces the potential for flooding by modifying the existing bridges which improve drainage and reduces standing water all with little to no construction disruption. 

Construction on the Tamayo bridge is expected to begin early 2020. The Parmer Lane Bridge is expected to begin 6 months after the design has been approved which is proposed to take place in early 2020. Construction will be contained to the area underneath the bridges and no lane closures are expected. 


After the 2010 Tropical Storm Hermine flooded many homes in the north Austin area, the Upper Brushy Creek Water Control and Improvement District was charged to study the Upper Brushy Creek Watershed and update floodplain zones and maps.  The MUD is located within the Upper Brushy Creek Watershed and will be impacted by the updated floodplain zones and maps.  The findings of this study are scheduled to be released on Dec. 20, 2019, and the floodplain is expected to expand in several areas.


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